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Delivery and warranty

Delivering products

Deliveries are made throughout the Republic of Moldova.

It is advisable to let us know some orders 2-4 hours before the delivery time you want. We also have orders that will not be delivered quickly. For example, custom cake is done within 40 hours.

Within the district of Chisinau, the delivery price is 50 lei. Orders of more than 1000 lei are delivered free of charge also in the Chisinau city. Outside Chisinau the delivery price is 6.50 lei / Km.

The delivery will be confirmed by a message on the mobile number indicated on the placement of the order, and a photo will be shipped on your email at the time of delivery and the floral arrangement (picture taken with the consent of the recipient).

All our couriers will wear a shirt, a bow tie and white gloves, so your gift is delivered pleasantly and elegantly.


SurprizeSurprize is responsible for defects falling within the scope of the legal provisions. We are responsible for the material or legal deficiencies of the items delivered in accordance with applicable legal regulations.